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Whale Watching Excursions in Juneau Alaska | Whale Watch Alaska

Whether you are going to whale watch Alaska style or enjoying a day in Denali, not every day can be idyllic. For those times when living in Alaska is less like living in paradise and more like a bad rerun of locked up abroad, you need legal representation that is compassionate, aggressive and experienced. Practicing law in Alaska has its own set of guiding rules and regulations that no other state experiences. That’s what we love about it.

We’ve lived here all our lives and our firm enjoys representing fellow Alaskans, and do so with integrity and authentic attention to your situation. Promoting and supporting our community is also a large part of our operation here in Juneau. Each year we make a point of going out with one of the Juneau whale watch trips. We take the whole office staff and make a day of it. Your life is forever changed and inspired when you get to view these massive creatures, and it always brings home to us the importance of what we do and why Alaska is like no other place on Earth.

Experience Matters

We specialize in criminal defense throughout Alaska, even though we are located in Juneau. Dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients our lawyers have over 30 years of combined legal expertise as criminal defense attorneys. Handling a wide range of cases, from DUI to assault, from homicide to white collar crimes, we provide sincere, aggressive and effective criminal defense for our Alaskan clients. Do you think you have a good case for a trial? Were you pulled over by an officer who made legal mistakes at the stop? These questions and other legal procedures are the types of things we deal with, so you don’t have to.

Attorneys Make the Difference

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase: “A good defense is a good offense”. This saying is certainly true when it comes to a criminal case. They are often won long before going to trial. Aggressive motions, careful attention to every detail, and thorough investigation often yield a dismissal of charges, a reduction in penalties or a successful negotiation for a plea bargain. The right attorney can stand between you and conviction. If you, or someone you love, has been charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime (or suspected), call our office today for a free consultation.

Areas of Practice

We’ve defended many Alaskans accused of crimes and have earned reputations as effective trial lawyers. The following is a list of the criminal defense practice areas we’ve handled over the years. Not sure which category your case falls under? Give us a call and we’ll examine your potential legal issues.

  • Probation Revocations (PTR)
  • Reckless endangerment
  • Drug Possession & Distribution
  • Marijuana Operations
  • Domestic Violence
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Murder/Manslaughter
  • Assault (felony and misdemeanor)
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Kidnapping
  • Self-defense (stand your ground)
  • Criminal conspiracy
  • Weapons violations
  • Sexual Assault
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Forgery
  • White collar crimes (business)
  • Arson

How it Works….

Maybe you’ve never had to talk to an attorney before, let alone hire one. We understand that and try to make the process easy, and easy to understand. There’s nothing worse than having a professional throwing legal language around, expecting you to understand it all. We take the time to make sure you understand what we are talking about…in plain, straight language. Our consultations are always free, because you may feel you have a case only to find out you really don’t have enough just cause to move forward. However, if you do have a case, then we move forward onto the next step, which is gather all of the information available about your situation, and who the main players are. We work out a schedule for payment, work with unions if you are with the IBEW, and make sure are not ever hit with hidden fees and charges.

We are also licensed to represent you in Fish and Game incidents. Alaska’s hunting and fishing regulations are some of the most stringent in the US. It is easy to make a mistake resulting in the suspension of your license, not to mention severe fines and penalties. The Alaska Fish & Game will prosecute all violations to the fullest extent of the law, so whether you misunderstood the law, were an out of state hunter and didn’t understand the regulations or maybe you are a guide being charged with a violation, call our Juneau based law firm today. All consultations are free, and even if you are in the wrong, we can help you get the fine reduced, or penalties lessened.